Workout wear Q&A with Sarah

As most people know, in addition to your personal blog Whoorl, you run a popular website called Hair Thursday, where you help people find the hairstyle that’s best for them. Do you have any recommendations for dealing with hair during workouts, preferably without looking like ass?

Linda, if you don’t look like ass, then you can’t possibly be experiencing the full benefits of a workout.

Kidding. (Kind of.)

Personally, I have long hair with bangs that look absolutely heinous if I don’t keep them off my sweaty face. My personal plan of attack involves two accessories. A non-slip headband and ponytail holder.

Now, there are a lot of non-slip headbands out there – most being really skinny, but I’ve found those just don’t do the trick for thick hair. I use Goody StayPut headbands, which are thicker and don’t allow my bangs or any flyaways to get loose and hang in my face. I wear those around my head and then put the rest of my hair in a high ponytail with a ponytail holder, pulling the ends halfway through to keep all hair off my neck. (Hi there, I am an OCD FREAK about hair touching my neck while I work out.)

Then, when I’m finished with my workout, I pull my (sweaty, tangled) hair out and into a ponytail or a messy bun at the nape of my neck. For some reason, I find this looks a little more polished when leaving the gym.

This method works for most shoulder-length or longer hairstyles, but if you have shorter style (such as a chin-length bob), I would recommend headbands and/or bobby pins to keep hair out of the face, making small braids from the front layers of hair and pinning back, and don’t forget the trusty ball-cap. Not the most feminine option, but it sure gets the job done. (In fact, I still prefer wearing a baseball cap with my ponytail pulled through the back when I run. It keeps my hair completely out of my face, plus shades my eyes.)

Whenever I work out, my hair gets super sweaty and gross, so I definitely feel like I need to shampoo my hair every day. Is it true that’s bad for my hair? Should I try something different — like just rinsing it, or something?

Unfortunately, for some chemically-processed folks, washing your hair every day can be damaging.

Look, I’m not going to lie. If my hair is dripping in sweat after a workout, I’m going to wash it. Period. However, many of the lower-impact workouts that don’t cause as much sweat as, let’s say, a 5-mile run in 85% humidity, can allow you to just “freshen up” the hair, opposed to washing it.

Several dry shampoos and freshen-uppers (I’m now making up words. Awesome.) on the market would be perfect for those of you who don’t want to wash hair after every single workout. Jonathan Product Redo Freshen-Up Mist is a great option. It’s a cucumber/rose water mist that cleanses, refreshes and moisturizes without getting your hair wet. I can’t remember where I read this, but it’s basically Febreze for your head.

Some other great options for dry shampoos are Samy Dry Spray Shampoo and Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair Dry Cleaning Spray (both Lucky Magazine’s editors’ picks), as well as Ojon Rub Out Dry Cleanser and Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo.

Now, if you absolutely MUST wash your hair after every workout, I would suggest using a gentle cleanser such as Kiehl’s All Sport Everyday shampoo or my favorite drugstore brand, Infusium.

I’ve seen your Working Closet pictures, and you’re always so pulled together! What are some of your favorite workout clothes?

Well, thank you! (Also, might want to get those peepers checked.)

Man oh MAN, I conducted quite the search for running shorts last year on my blog. I was NOT blessed with skinny-mini legs, and wanted something that was short enough to keep me cool, but not like marathon-man-up-my-ass shorts. (You can read about my running gear obsession here.)

Long story short, my very favorite running shorts are Adidas Response Baggy Shorts, my favorite capris that I wear while Jillian Michaels KICKS MY ASS (yet, I still kind of want to makeout with her, but that’s a completely different blog post…) are Nike Perfect-Fit capris, and I also love all of Nike’s DriFit tees, tanks, and long-sleeved tees.

However, the verdict’s still out on the best sports bra and I would love to hear about your favorites!

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  1. Jill Will Run Says:

    I have a shorter-bob style and I keep gravitating to the hat. I kept trying various barrettes and headbands but found that while breakin’ a sweat I always had sections of hair that would decide to flip out at weird angles. While I don’t exactly LOVE the hat look, it’s definitely worked best for me to keep my hair from becoming too much of a distraction.

    I was fit for a running bra recently, I got the Champion Shape T-Back bra. I like it a lot. (This isn’t the same Champion line as Target sells…)

  2. Emily Says:

    I also use the goody stayput headbands and I love the Nike perfect fit capris. My favorite sports bra is the Moving Comfort Maia bra (I am a D cup and there is no bouncing!).

    I try to shampoo every 2 to 3 days, on my off days if I sweat alot I just rinse the sweat away without shampoo but still use conditioner.

  3. Sally Says:

    I love the Moving Comfort Fiona bra. I’m nursing twins, so I’ve got some extra stuff up there, and this holds it all in. Also, the straps are adjustable with velcro, so it fits when you’re on the big side and smaller side, and the best part: you can NURSE in it.

  4. How To Deal With Workout Hair : Hair Thursday Says:

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  5. Kerri Anne Says:

    LOVE love love Nike Perfect-Fit capris. I wear mine all the time, and they’re perfect for any type of workout.

  6. Rachel Says:

    Under Armor for the sports bra. I play ultimate frisbee (think running/sprinting like you’re playing soccer…for 4 hours) and floorball (basically hockey). I’ve never had a better sports bra.

  7. brista Says:

    I use a couple bobby pins and do a small twisty poof with my bangs or sometimes two twists along the sides that look really fancy but take about 2.3 seconds tops. That usually does it for me. When my hair was longer, I’d do the bobby pin thing for my bangs with a ponytail or french braid for the rest.

  8. brista Says:


    Jillian Michaels KICKS MY ASS (yet, I still kind of want to makeout with her, but that’s a completely different blog post…)

    I KNOW! How does she make me hate her yet love her so much!?

  9. Rachel Says:

    I am in love with lululemon’s awesome workout headband. The Goody ones always slide back, back, back, and then off my hair, but the lululemon one stays in exactly the same position the entire workout.


    Make sure you get the one with the sticky stuff on the inside. They come in a million colors too!

  10. Abigail M. Schilling Says:

    Title Nine sports bras ROCK. I’ve got DDD and their Last Resort Bra is magical. No bounce, FOR REALSIES.

  11. Sarah Says:

    This Natori cotton sports bra is the best sports bra I’ve worn in the 14 years (gaah!) I’ve been working out and running. (I run about 5 or so miles at a time, a few days per week.) I learned about this bra at Intimacy, one of those bra-fitting specialsts. (When I was laid off in September, I spent a lot of time watching Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style, and decided to cheer myself up with new bras. I wasn’t disappointed, but I was surprised that I’m the proud owner of 32 C’s. Who knew?)

    It’s nice and tight (no bounce!) and it works well under fitted T-shirts, like Nike’s new Dri-Fit ones. I’m usually kind of…well, cheap!…when it comes to workout gear. But lately, I’ve realized that it is actually worth buying some nice stuff. (I also love lululemon workout pants. Not so much their tops, because the shoulders are too small for me. But the pants? Love!)


    Bra: http://snipurl.com/bimd7 [shop_nordstrom_com]
    T-shirt: http://snipurl.com/bin37 [store_nike_com]

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  13. Sarah Says:

    Have you ever tried a running skirt?

    They’re pretty awesome. Your legs look great, you suddenly can look cute working out, and they don’t bunch up around the crotch like shorts. There are styles with briefs, but if you’re like me, and hate having the thighs touching/rubbing while working out, you can get the ones with compression shorts (which give additional coverage during stretching and weight machines).

    It’s like being able to wear spandex without having a spandex body (if that makes sense).


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