Navel gazing, a whole new level

Back in the summer, when Linda started telling me about her idea for this website, I came up with a brilliant plan. I would write a blog here, I’d appoint it Fatskinny, and I’d post before pictures of

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myself in a bathing suit to motivate the Holy Living Hell out of myself. And then I tried to do it. And I couldn’t. I thought of future dates googling me and rubbing their eyes in horror at my no-bum and chicken arms. I thought of my son’s daycare workers stumbling on me and me green bathing suit and losing all their innocence. Then I thought of Nolan’s future locker buddies and dear, god, I can’t even imagine his pre-pubescent horror but then – dude, does anyone really care about the fatskinny body of a thirty-something houselady? Other than you, I mean? So. Ohmygod, one two three flush. I took this picture at the end of July in hope of posting it in public in order to stir some shame in me, and therefore motivation. It never saw the light of day on my own

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blog. Full admission one: this is not the least flattering picture. I have dimples on my butt. Full admission two: I have a spray tan in this picture, making me look slightly erroneously thinner than I really am. Full admission three: This view of my fatskinny arms doesn’t show them at their worst. It’s not a good before picture, in short, because it doesn’t really show my true state. So yesterday, I thought I’d take some new before pictures. Not in a bathing suit, god, it’s January and it’s bad enough I’m taking semi-nude and highly

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unflattering pictures of myself in the kitchen (the neighbors already think it’s our dog that craps in their yard, it’s not it’s that damned husky across the street, and could they see me against the wall with my camera there oh dear PETE what I do for the Internet.) So: new befores, but I still can’t bring myself to show you my white butt. That’s only for the mirror,

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whilst running backwards. I know it’s not showing my butt, but I have not mastered the self timer on my camera and I’m definitely not asking the garbage man to take these shots. (In this picture I appear orange brown but it’s the way my camera was turned? Also, that’s a portrait of my dog in the background, in case you were wondering about the coyote-looking creature on the wall.) Anyway. Here’s

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the shock in all of this: my before pictures now are quite, substancially better than my before pictures this summer. My arms are more toned, my belly is harder though I have work to do there. And, you can’t see it, but I think my butt is higher. I

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have not been doing much differently. I am running slightly longer, but I still eat potato soup at 11 PM and guiltily snarf Lindt balls during portions of the day. I still have wine on the weekends. The only major change is Jillian Michaels. I’ve been doing that damned video three times a week for almost a month and you know – I have no fatskinny on my arms right now. For the first time in years. I think maybe if I cut back on

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the at night eating and do the video 5 days a week, I might just be ready to post

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a real bathing suit picture – with a minimum of shame.

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95 Responses to “Navel gazing, a whole new level”

  1. AndreAnna Says:

    Self-timers make for the most ridiculous pictures (not that yours is ridiculous, but you get my point). I always look like a dork.

    I can definitely see the difference in your arms.

    And like you said, if you noticed it by just adding Jillian, think of the more changes you could see if you made another small change and then another, like you mentioned.

  2. Thursday Says:

    Sweetie, those arms look far better than mine.

  3. Sarah Lena Says:

    I think you look fabulous!! Keep up the good work!

    And like I was telling Linda last week: having to be held accountable “by blog” works MIRACLES. I’m down 15 lbs.

    We can do it!

  4. Lindsey Says:

    Please tell me this is a joke?

  5. Christine Says:

    Keep it up!

  6. Insulted NOT Motivated Says:

    It’s VERY insulting for someone your size to call herself “fat” in ANY iteration, including “fatskinny.” How do you think someone who is legitimately overweight feels reading this? If you are uncomfortable with your appearance despite being a healthy size and weight and have any sort of public stage, you owe it to your readers to be respectful in the words you choose.

  7. Heather B. Says:

    I’m fat and I have no problem with the term “fatskinny”. I get it. I actually have friends who are “fatskinny”: super thin but unable to run a mile. Whereas I am just fatfat and training for a half marathon.

    And I’m not saying the above because you’re my friend but because it’s true and I GET IT.

  8. Kristen Says:

    I think you look great. There is definitely a noticable difference in your arm definition.
    I don’t think it’s fair for “legitimately overweight” people to take the monopoly on body insecurities and motivation to get healthy, for whatever reason. Whether legitimate health issues or just wanting to feel better about your body.
    At Bodies in Motivation, we should all be motivating one another, not getting mad that one relatively thin girl calls herself fatskinny.
    Keep up the good work Kristin. Frankly, your fatskinny pictures are inspiring to me, and I imagine a lot of other people too!

  9. Emily Says:

    I get the fatskinny thing, and I am definitely way more on the fat side :)

    Size and weight aren’t everything, like Heather B, I have plenty of skinny friends that I could run circles around. Keep up the good work, my trainer friend told me that it’s 90% diet, so try cutting out those late night snacks!

  10. Helga Says:

    Ya this is *really* motivating..

  11. Kristin Says:

    I didn’t mean to insult anyone in this post – this is my body and journey and I am certainly not calling anyone else fat.

    I am hoping to reach my potential: to be firm and healthy and to feel good in my own skin.

    When I broke up with my son’s father, I lost a lot of weight, subsisting on Doritos and coffee. I was skinnier than I’d ever been, and also more unhealthy than ever before.

    My goal right now is to work out consistently, five days a week, cut down on the wine and stop eating late night snacks. I want to feel proud of my body, and at the moment my belly cuts into my jeans, the back of my thighs are dimpled, and there are a lot of other factors that illustrate that I have not been taking care of myself the way I could be.

    I don’t mean to insult anyone. And, I know I won’t always motivate everyone with what I write here. Maybe I never will. This is a blog, not a professional platform, and you can take it or leave it but please know that I am here on a quest to better myself, not to diminish the efforts of anyone else.

  12. Lindsey Says:

    You know, I thought about this while I was working out today. I had to restrain myself earlier when I was commented because all sorts of mean things were wanting to come out of me. And here is what I think, after mulling it over:

    This is insulting. “Fat people” do not have a monopoly on body issues, clearly. But “fat people” ARE FAT. You are not fat. I support anyone in their quest for a body that they are comfortable in, but to post pictures of you at what is probably under the goal weight for a majority of these readers, it is insensitive. And honestly, it’s sad. It’s like you are looking into some kind of fun mirror at home.

    And please don’t start with the “you can take or leave it”. There are several motivating blogs on here, THAT IS WHAT THIS SITE IS FOR.

  13. Kristin Says:

    I’ll take it down, if need be.

    But here’s the thing: I am not fit. I am not healthy. I am within my alloted BMI but that does not mean I am fit. It does not mean I don’t have a lot of work to do, and I need motivation just like everyone else.

    I thought this site was for all people on a quest to get fit, not just overweight people. But I have been wrong on numerous occasions in past.

  14. Lindsey Says:

    I don’t think you understand. It’s not that this site isn’t for everyone who wants to get fit. It isn’t that anyone thinks you shouldn’t get more fit. It’s just that when you act like those pictures are disgusting, it hits hard to the people who weigh 100 pounds more than that. If you think that is fat, what must you think of the rest of us? It’s like you are projecting your poor self-image onto us. I promise you that 90% of the fat people reading this page think with a pang in their chest: if she is fat, what am I? And that is not motivating, it’s hurtful. I’m sorry, I don’t normally comment like this, but I think that perhaps if we can understand each other better, we can motivate each other better.

  15. Nicole Says:

    Kristin -

    Please don’t take down this post or any of your other posts. I think your blog fits a niche that would otherwise be empty. I, too, am fatskinny and was delighted to find you.

    It is very hard to talk to others about my desire to lose fat and become more fit – usually someone takes it personally and gets offended, telling me that I’m not “fat” and that I need to be happy with the size that I am. It’s hard for some to understand the concept of being unhappy with the “unfit-ness” of your body when you’re not actually a “big” person. It’s been hard for me to understand that I can’t share my fitness journey with most people.

    So, please don’t take this down and continue to blog. Your fellow fatskinny people are out here, rooting for you, and we need you!

  16. Bodies Says:

    As the creator and editor of this site, here is the Official Word on what these blogs are for: personal journal entries from people who are working to improve their health. FULL STOP.

    I’m sorry some of you are offended by this entry, but I very much hope Kristin doesn’t feel the need to edit or remove it. If you actually read this, she is celebrating the improvements she’s made in her fitness. And we should be supporting her, not ripping her a new one for her choice of language.


  17. Nicole Says:

    AMEN, Linda. :)

  18. Lindsey Says:

    Ok, I am not going to post any more about this. I didn’t call for it to be brought down, I didn’t rip anyone anything. I was trying to explain why it was hurtful and not motivating.

  19. Insulted NOT Motivated Says:

    I understand what Kristin means when she uses the term “skinnyfat.” It’s a cute way of saying, “I’m not obese or anything but I’m out of shape.” I get it. The problem is the message this term and all the consenting comments send, along with the precedence they set in the dialog women have with one another. What about our culture might cause a 12-year-old at a healthy weight to start starving herself or sticking her finger down her throat? Do you really think a blog post littered with pictures of a beautiful, healthy woman alongside her testimony that she’s fat would help that 12-year-old improve her body image?

    I’m not suggesting that Kristin is a bad person OR responsible for anyone’s eating disorder OR wrong in her desire to get healthy OR misguided in the validity of her body insecurities. I’m simply suggesting she be more sensitive in the language she uses and really think through the implications of casually tossing around words like “fat.” It may not seem like a big deal but in my opinion, it is.

    Please understand – this is not meant to insult Kristin. It’s simply meant to strongly encourage bright women to think seriously about how they talk about their bodies. Let’s find ways to motivate each other that have a core of positivity.

  20. Carrie Says:

    All I can say is what the F. Who are you people that you would even use the word fat. Fatskinny what is that. Your not fatskinny your skinny. You need to tone up a little. I think it’s great to take “fitness journey” everybody needs to get in shape, but thats all it is for you is shaping up. Don’t make the people who are fat feel worse about them selves. I applaud you working on your figure it’s hard I know. But come on. I think a little counseling might do you better then 5 days of working out.

  21. Carrie Says:

    Amen- Insulated Not Motivated. You said it in a much nicer way then I could.

  22. Bodies Says:

    There is another blog on here called “Fat Genes to Skinny Jeans” — is that offensive? Another one is named “Hippo in a Tutu”. Please, let’s not get hung up on what words an author can or cannot use in order to express their feelings. This is meant to be a supportive environment, but not an uber-PC zone where everyone has to censor themselves for fear of offending someone. How else can everyone — EVERYONE, regardless of their weight — be free to share the feelings they are dealing with, whether they be on the low or high end of the self-confidence scale?

  23. carol Says:

    Kristin, I get it, and I’m not even a fat skinny (this term is hilarious I think!)

    In no way am I insulted, but rather motivated that you are so dedicated to always improving yourself, when others would say ‘you’re good enough’. When it comes to health, there is always room to improve!

    If this offends people that have much more to work at then you, well, that’s their issue. Being thin can carry as much of a burden on some as being over weight. The point of this post I think is to be HEALTHIER…no?

  24. Tracy Says:

    Ok, all I can say is “Amen to you and I love the word “skinnyfat” … You go Girl!!

  25. K Says:

    I do think that you look incredible Kristin, but I understand that we all have our issues. You aren’t fat, but I do get the fat-skinny thing as you see a ton of them on the streets now-a-days.
    Most of them aren’t healthy and are the size they are due to bad eating habits. I think your motivation of being healthier and trying to exercise is something most ‘skinny-fats’ should be doing. No, you’re not overweight, but you do have a realistic goal and you should go for it.

    AND for all the overweight people out there – just see it as slight motivation that there is a possibility of bettering yourself to eventually have more of a similar body to someone who is closer to their goal. One day at a time, right?
    I would LOVE my own sister who is over 100lbs overweight to get motivated, even on a very small scale, to feel that she could get to Kristin’s size. As she said, just because you’re in your BMI doesn’t mean you’re healthy.

  26. Jamie Says:

    Geez, who knew there’d be so much outrage at someone not looking horrendous in their photos. And here I was worried about posting my pictures! I guess I look sufficiently awful huh?

    Anyway, WAY TO GO KRISTIN! Here’s to already making progress and feeling better about yourself!

  27. Katherine Says:

    I actually find this post motivating in different kind of way. It motivates me to be kinder to myself. If Kristin looks that great but still feels so scared to post the pictures, then maybe we’re focusing too much on size and what we should really be talking about is just making peace with our bodies. It’s possible to be thin and still insecure about your body. So it’s kind of comforting in some ways to know that Kristin’s just like everyone else–not totally satisfied with her body and trying to do something about it. That doesn’t mean her fitness journey is any less valuable. She’ll still fight with finding the motivation to work out and feeling great when she does. The point is to support each other to reach our own goals.

    And the post tangentially brings up another issue–I think a lot of us who are trying to loose pounds (rather than just up our fitness levels) tell ourselves that once we reach our goal weight all our problems will be solved. So who is Kristin to be thin and not totally happy? The gall! But clearly she’s still a woman in this crazy high-pressured, sex and appearance-focused world. Every woman is. So I think it’s important that their stories and experiences get shared here too. We can learn something from everyone. Right now I’m learning to love my chubby body a little more because there’s no guarantee I will even if/when I’m 20 pounds lighter.

  28. Bodies Says:

    Katherine, that was very well put.

  29. Marin Says:

    Holy sh*t, people. Kristin, I totally see where you’re coming from. Yes, when I looked at the pictures I thought you looked fabulous (really), but I know that there are people who would look at me and be legitimately pissed that I’m trying to lose weight. It’s all personal perception. If Kristin wants to look better, and not concentrate on a number on a scale, who are we to judge her? You go, girl. (Bad phrase, but good sentiment.)

  30. Christine Says:


    Try calling any of the major universities in your area. (Though where I got it done is a Junior College, so one of those may work as well.) You may also try calling local gyms. Mine does them once a year.

    It was a great experience.

  31. Christine Says:

    Oops. Didn’t mean to post that there.

  32. Ellen Says:

    In light of all the comments, I just want to say that while I fall almost exactly into the body shape/fitness category that Kristin is in, I would not use the term ‘fatskinny’ to describe it (though I understand the meaning), for two reasons.

    1: It is inaccurate. There is nothing ‘fat’ about this body and it would be better to simply use accurate language and say “skinny but not fit” or something similar.

    2: Clearly, because of the inaccurate use of the word ‘fat’, some readers who are ‘accurately fat’ find it offensive. In that case, would it not be wise to use an lingustically ACCURATE description if the somewhat flippant one is found to be offensive?

    As someone who works with several youth who have eating disorders, I feel it is only sensible and wise of adults to avoid spreading the “I am fat” concensus about people with healthy body weights. A message of “I need to be more FIT”, on the other hand… that would be helpful.

    As to the use of the word fat in regard to people who ARE overweight, that is simply accurate language and cannot be compared to the inaccurate use of the word in a culture which is obsessed with being unhealthily thin.

  33. Mel Says:

    Lol…you weren’t heavy or that out of shape in the first picture.

    Makes me feel REALLY fat. :)

  34. Kalisa Says:

    I gotta tell you, these photos weren’t what I expected “fatskinny” to look like.

    I think what’s offending people is the word choice. Make up a word that indicates you’re out of shape, not one that insinuates you’re “fat,” which of course you absolutely are not. And plenty of people are. I’m only about 10 lbs overweight but I don’t consider myself “fat.” Out of shape? Yes. A little extra curvy? Perhaps. But I can see where calling myself “fat-anything” would offend someone who actually is severely overweight.

    I understand this blog isn’t about being PC, but if you want to call yourself “motivational” then you should at least be conscientious of your readers’ feelings.

  35. Jennifer Says:

    Well, I might look even skinnier than Kristin, but I have 25% body fat. My pulmonologist told me to drop to 15% body fat to ease pressure on my lungs. So in that sense, I’m fat, right – because MY DOCTOR told me to LOSE FAT for MY HEALTH. I don’t need to lose weight, I need to lose fat. So am I allowed to call myself fatskinny?

    I’m glad that this blog isn’t only about weight loss, I’m glad it’s about everyone’s individual journey. And each person can call themselves whatever the hell they want. Sheesh.

  36. diane Says:

    Kristin – as a fellow fatskinny, I find you very motivating! If people are offended, that is their issue and maybe they don’t understand what this fantastic website is all about.

  37. Tamara Says:

    First of all, congratulations on the progress! I’m so proud of you. You are totally my inspiration.

    Secondly, I would like to laugh at the absurdity of people getting their feelings hurt over the word ‘fatskinny’ but whatever, some people look to get their feelings hurt wherever they go, others don’t.

  38. Ashley Says:

    I don’t get the negativity at all..like not one bit and I’m on the fat side of things.

    Taken from the Urban Dictionary:


    It is someone that always looks dead skinny yet seems to eat what they want and do very little exercise. It is presumably genetic.. their body is small in mass but they have a high fat, low muscle ratio.”

  39. Gwen Says:

    The reactions on this page are really surprising to me. For one, it’s not like this is even a wholly original concept — I remember Douglas Coupland discussing the phenomenon of “thin fat people” in his novel Microserfs in like, 1996.

    I think fatskinny is a perfectly acceptable term. Are you already “skinny” by BMI standards? Yes. (And don’t get me started on how useless a metric the BMI really is.) But do you have more fat than you’d ideally like? It seems like the answer is also yes. It seems like a perfect fit to me.

    I don’t think you’re sending out a bad message at all. I actually find it inspiring. Every situation is unique, and everyone has her own goals. What you’re striving for is in no way unhealthy, and doesn’t reflect any kind of body dysmorphia or eating disorder as far as I can tell. Please don’t let the haters get you down!

  40. Gwen Says:

    Oh, and congrats on your progress!

  41. Shannon Says:

    As a fellow fatskinny, I say go you. Just because your aren’t morbidly obese or obese doesn’t mean you don’t have the need or the desire to get more fit and/or happier in your body.

  42. Jamie Says:

    I come to this website expecting to be motivated, and to get the opportunity to peek into other women’s lives (and maybe men, someday down the line) and share in their knowledge – their victories, however small or seemingly irrelevant they might be to some people. Let’s not lambast Kristin for this great accomplishment! This was a positive update on her progress, and we are lucky that she is bold enough to take pictures of herself (I know I never would) and let us “in” on her journey.

    This is not a site where we judge one another, or try and put one another into categories – words are words, and each one means something different to each of us. If anything, this post reiterates the fact that the grass is, as we fear, always greener on the other side. Even people whom society might deem “skinny” (God, I hate that word) still have every right to want to improve themselves.

    It’s not an issue of fat or thin, it’s an issue of pride and desire to better one’s self. I’m here because I want to be proud of myself, to better myself, and seeing any story of accomplishment helps me do that. So thank you, Kristin! Keep up the good work!

  43. Rachel Says:

    The author of Hippo in a Tutu isn’t actually a hippo in a tutu, but I don’t see anyone up in arms abut her blog title being “linguistically inaccurate.” And no one was insulted by the title of this blog until Kristin posted her pictures.

    I’m 5’10″ and weigh 150 and I took “before” pictures over the weekend. I don’t want to lose weight, I want to get toned and look awesome in a bikini this summer. I also want to have more energy and feel healthier. I totally understand where Kristin is coming from. She looks great but she wants to FEEL better and be healthier. More power to her.

  44. Lesley Says:

    I understand where the people who feel insulted are coming from and I also totally get where Kristen is coming from. Even women in reasonable shape find fault with their own bodies. Even women who are beautiful think they aren’t. Most women feel the pressure society puts on them to be perfect and find themselves wanting.

    Just as some of you think Kristen hasn’t got body image issues or fitness goals, consider that there are people out there who might think some of you are nuts for finding fault with yourselves. Think about it before judging. Everyone is in a different place.

    Either you trust Kristen is genuine or you don’t. If you don’t, or if reading someone who is in a slightly different place than you are makes you uncomfortable, stop reading.

    A bodies in motivation blog for women shouldn’t be women snapping at each other, but encouraging each other’s accomplishments even if where one person is at might threaten you a little.

    The idea is to follow your own path, accept where you’re at, keep pushing yourself towards your own goals whatever they might be.

  45. Allison Says:

    That’s a good point about body fat. I have a friend who is a size 6 (Australian), but was told by her doctor that she had a high body fat percentage. FatSkinny.

    Kristin is doing great, and I think that is what we should be focusing on!

  46. Lesley Says:

    Btw, if it makes it easier for some people to get you, Kristen, maybe the label “fat/skinny” needs rethinking, because from what you’ve written it sounds like you’re not particularly unhealthy, but reaching for even greater health than you have; or a greater athletic achievement.

    Re dimpling: even athletes have cellulite and some fat people have no cellulite. It’s one of the curses women, even really fit women, have to either accept or learn to live with (though I understand some medical lasers are supposed to work wonders on this.)

  47. AndreAnna Says:

    I just wanted to chime in with re: to the above comment from Lesley and mention that I’m a FatFat with no cellulite. Not one dimple. One of my best friends is literally half my weight and has it everywhere.

    I truly believe that it’s one of those things that is genetic and either you have it or you don’t, regardless of fitness or health or fat.

    Cellulite should not be a fitness barometer.

  48. Becca Says:

    I find it a bit sad that there were a few people who were so easily angered by Kristin’s choice of words for her journal. This is intended as a forum in which women are asked to be supportive of each other’s feelings and goals as they relate to fitness. No matter what way someone’s words make YOU feel, the person who said them has feelings too.

    It bothered me immensely to read comments asking Kristin what right she has to call herself fat, fat-skinny, skinny-fat or any other variation. She happens to have every right if she chooses. One comment read something to the effect of Kristin projecting her insecurities onto her readers; I didn’t see it that way at all. If you have a problem with someone’s words, is that not a reflection of your own insecurities? If you read her post at all before commenting, you would read that she is incredibly intimidated by the fact that she is posting pictures of herself at all. Just because someone is insecure for different reasons than you (or others) might be does not make their feelings any less valid. Nor does it give anyone else the right to judge based on ones choice of words.

    I think that Kristin has a good self-image and she is projecting that by saying that while she isn’t satisfied with how she looks/feels, she is working on changing those feelings for herself, not for what society sees her as. If she saw herself as society saw her, perhaps she would feel that she should just be grateful for the “good genes” she has and never work to improve her health. That would be a shame, since she is obviously getting more out of this than a skinny body.

  49. Lesley Says:

    Becca, I think what the reaction to Kristen reflects is the paradoxical place all women find themselves in: afraid they are not beautiful enough, wanting to be accepted for how they look, and yet not accepting themselves, not liking the way they look and wanting to be something else.

    There are some things we can change and other things we can’t change about our bodies. The one thing we can change to a large degree is our state of health and fitness. In the end we have to love ourselves, right? If we don’t love ourselves, how can we expect anyone else to. At the same time, loving ourselves enables us to appreciate where someone else is at, gives us the room to feel compassion and empathy for someone else’s journey.

    I think all of us have felt envy and even jealousy about the appearance of others. But how is that the other’s fault and is it fair to blame them or accuse them because we feel inadequate?

    I would hate to see this blog turn into yet another snarlfest because women just can’t seem to learn to get along. Good grief, ladies, let’s chill.

  50. samantha jo campen Says:

    I’m a FatSkinny and I’m so glad you’re on here. It’s about being healthy and fit, not numbers on the scale. I know someone who is borderline obese and can run marathons, and I can’t even jog a mile in 10 minutes and I’m 5’4″ and 130 pounds.

  51. Ashley Says:

    Please don’t remove the post.

    FWIW- I enjoyed reading it. But I also kinda hated my own body afterwards- and almost wished I were “fat skinny”… this reaction is reflective of my feelings about my body. I was motivated after reading it,.. motivated to start eating less calories (regardless of nutritional content) and halting all exercise so I could be “fat skinny”. Dysfunctional thinking? Absolutely. But also honest.

  52. katie Says:

    the term fatskinny was not coined by kristen. it has been used in the media for awhile now. if you don’t like what you read here, don’t visit.

  53. Angella Says:

    I am not one for swear words, but I think that those of you picking on Kristin need to chill the fuck out.

    I completely and totally relate to her. It was a year ago that I got tired of being skinny, but not fit. Her term “fatskinny” resonated with me.

    If you don’t like it, or it offends you, just walk away. Nothing to see here.

  54. Lindsey Says:

    I have been trying so hard not to post any more to this, but I just want to say that it is a sad day when we can’t have an open dialogue about what is going on here. There is no reason to tell people to go away, or chill the fuck out, or even to suggest as an earlier comment did, that those who disagree with this post are “morbidly obese”.

    I didn’t think that this post was attacking me, and it wasn’t my insecurities that made me speak out. I honestly felt a little bit hurt by it, and before I wrote anything too hasty, I went to the gym and I thought about it. And upon that reflection I decided that I felt strongly enough to say something about it.

    It is so troll like and immature to just comment, if you don’t like what you see keep going. People disagree all of the time, and it is ok to say, wait: I want you to know that this is offensive to me. I mean, I don’t think she knew that from a FatFat (love that) point of view, it was hurtful.

    I honestly support Kristin in her quest for being healthy. I hope I look like her at my goal date. I hope she gets where she wants to be. I still feel that the disparaging tone of disgust about her own pictures was hurtful to those who strive to be that thin. And I’m not going to “keep going”. I am going to follow her quest and all the others just like I was before this craziness started.

  55. Caleal Says:

    Please don’t remove anything!

    I get fatskinny. I get it. I am it. And no one ever pays attention to it, no one talks about it, because you’re skinny, so why the hell should you have any problems? Besides that heart attack I’m probably going to have at 26 if I don’t chill the fuck out with the Doritos.

    I am firmly entrenched in the nothing-should-change camp. If you’re offended, don’t come to this blog. That’s why Linda is offering us many on this site. So we can choose what interests us and what we identify with.

  56. Kimberly Says:

    Kristin, please don’t remove this post or stop talking about your particular situation. I think Fat Skinny is the perfect descriptor for people that are wearing single digit sizes but who are out of shape, have a proportionally high bad fat, are lacking in muscle tone or all of the above. I don’t find anything in your post offensive, in the least. I’m sorry there are folks here beating a dead horse, finding offense where none was intended or implicit.

  57. Angella Says:

    Lindsay – To call me “troll-like and immature” is do out of line. It basically puts you into the Troll category, if you had ANY IDEA where I was coming from.

    I have been fat. I have been skinny. I have been fatskinny.

    I am now “fit skinny”.

    It is time to get over yourself, and leave Kristin (and the rest of us) be.

    Based on the fact that I have been on all ends of the fat/fit spectrum, Kristin was in NO WAY hurtful to anyone. This is just you, projecting your own issues on someone else.

    Time to move on, my dear.

  58. Lindsey Says:

    Well you showed me!

  59. slynnro Says:

    People, GET OVER YOURSELVES. Seriously. It’s just a word. And yeah, I know words can be hurtful and blah blah blah. Fat? IS A DESCRIPTIVE WORD. AN ADJECTIVE. LIKE IT OR NOT. In fact, I took the time to look up what Merriam Webster had to say about fat, and guess what it says fat means- notable for having an unusual amount of fat.

    Okay, well…let’s apply that to Kristin. While hardly fat in the traditional sense, it is completely reasonable for her to decide FOR HER DAMN SELF that she has too much fat relative to muscle for her frame. Yes, relatively speaking she’s thin. BUT THAT IS SO NOT THE DAMN POINT. What is the point? She feels out of shape. So basically, everyone is all up in arms about someone declaring FOR THEMSELVES that they would like to be in better shape, and coining a term for it.

    And that? Is Fat Ridiculous, or having an unusual amount of ridiculousness.

  60. Ellen Says:

    I find it interesting that people who are so offended about those of us who have some concerns about Kristin’s terminology are also totally prepared to attack those who differ from them in opinion. Rather a double-standard. If you truly believe that people should be able to share their opinions, then you should be able to listen to the concerns of others without swearing at them.

    Furthermore, in posts such as mine, I believe the intent was only to share a different perspective from Kristin’s, which should be at the heart of a discussion on any topic. To make it a vicious battle is rather ridiculous.

    And if Kristin is unprepared to accept constructive criticism (please note we were NOT criticizing any of her GOALS, merely questioning the words that she used as a writer), perhaps this is not the best forum for her writing. Please note that I have a similar body shape to Kristin and DEFINITELY want to improve my tone and fitness, but I would not refer to myself as fat. This is for many reasons, as mentioned before – if you know the use of a word is offensive and potentially damaging to others, why would you choose to use it ‘motivationally’ when another would do a better job?

  61. Angella Says:

    Kristin and I have pretty much the same build.

    Read the comments above to get my history.

    I have loved the term “fatskinny” for a long time. Kristin coined it LONG BEFORE she posted it here.

    I cannot believe that you all are fighting over a phrase (that I think is perfect for people built like I am)

    Again. If you don’t like it…move along. Find another place to project your insecurities onto. This is supposed to be a place of love and encouragement.

    Way to blow it, Ms. Negative McNegativePants (Plural).

  62. Lesley Says:

    For some the thought that Kristen isn’t happy with a body they would be ecstatic to have pisses them off. Compounding their problem is their assumption that if Kristen finds herself wanting, then she’d also find those who would be happy to look like her wanting. Fair enough – and I get it – but at the end of the day, who cares? Seriously.

    This is one of those “take a good look in the mirror” moments.

    Kristen’s post isn’t about me or you. It’s about where she’s at. Implying she’s vain and insincere because you think she’s perfect is YOUR PROJECTION.

    Trust me, there are people in this world who, just like you, aren’t happy with where they are at and the fact that they seem to have it all to you is completely irrelevant to them. This is true of all of us. We all have it better or worse to some degree than other people. That’s life, that’s reality.

    At some point you have to ask yourselves why you are taking this so personally, why it hurts so much. Why do you invest so much in this? Who is your harshest judge? It wouldn’t be you would it? Because I bet you dollars to donuts Kristen wouldn’t judge anybody here.

    The reality is EVERYBODY HAS PROBLEMS and issues and they hurt etc. etc. and nobody has the right to tell anybody that just because they are slender they don’t have any problems or should not talk or post pictures or say they are unhappy with their pictures just because someone might be threatened by it.

    This really is about self-examination, not trying to force some rule for some women and another rule for other women. It’s about accepting Kristen at face value, just as we would like to be accepted.

    I’d like to suggest that whatever issues you have with the label “fat/skinny” at least try to appreciate what the writer means or how she applies it to herself. If it’s not a great label it’s because the definition is not clear, but try and give the writer the benefit of the doubt here and not view her so harshly.

  63. Bodies Says:

    For those who seem to think the duty of the bloggers is to provide motivational essays designed to encourage the people reading, that is not the intent. The purpose is for them to have a place to share their successes, challenges, achievements, and setbacks. It is supposed to be honest, real, and written without editorial assignment or censorship. Ideally, the outlet and accountability and sense of community IS motivational for the author, and the shared stories have meaning and value to those who read — but there’s certainly no obligation to make every post into a RAH TEAM article.

    There are other websites for that. This place is different.


  64. squandra Says:

    The word fat … isn’t inaccurate at all, actually.

    We all do know that, right? Surely that can’t be the source of the problem. I realize people often say “fat” when what they MEAN is “overweight,” but I certainly hope we all understand that fat and overweight are not actually SYNONYMS.

    Fat is, quite simply, a substance in your body. One many women built like Kristin carry far too much of. (No offense, Kristin — I’m one of them!)

    The distinction is obviously an important one for someone with her frame, but understanding the difference is, I think, pretty crucial for anyone working towards a health AND/OR weight goal.

  65. Another Kristin Says:

    I haven’t read all the comments so I hope I’m not repeating anything, but the term “fatskinny” is actually used in the health profession, at least on the research side of things (I’m in nutrition research). “Fat” does not necessarily mean large, it refers to percentage body fat. So, someone who appears to be skinny can still have a higher than healthy percentage body fat, making them “fat”. Another interesting term tossed around is Tofi (thin on the outside, fat on the inside): http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2006/dec/10/medicineandhealth.health

  66. squandra Says:

    I should emphasize, when I use the phrase “far to much” — I’m not talking about Kristin, but about one of those “women built like Kristin” — me! Similar frame, but carrying much more on my butt and hips!

    I can’t tell from looking at Kristin how “far” she is from her own fat-loss goal, but I’d guess she’s a bit closer than I am. :) Congrats on the progress!

  67. Becca (again) Says:

    Another Kristin, cool article, thanks for sharing that. I was really interested to read about the science behind “fatskinny” and I think it provides a lot of perspective about the reality of the term.

  68. Mrs. Wilson Says:

    Kristin, you look great! I totally get the fatskinny thing. I hope you reach your goal :)

  69. Angela @ Lost In Splendor Says:

    What I have a problem with here isn’t the terminology, but the fact that when someone offers an opposing view point people completely lose their shit. What fun is blogging if people agree with you all the time?

    All I’m saying is that everyone doesn’t have the same opinion and just because they don’t agree with you doesn’t mean they are attacking you.

  70. Sharon Says:

    I agree with Tamara. Seems like someone is always getting their feelings hurt. Kristin should describe her body however she sees it. This site is called Bodies in Motivation. Use it as motivation!

  71. Insulted NOT Motivated Says:

    @Bodies: I love your blog, think you’re a great writer, and previously thought very highly of you, which is why your comments are so disappointing to me. You have made it very clear that “EVERYONE” can in fact NOT feel comfortable sharing their feelings, at least not without bearing your disdain and judgement. I went out of my way to state my opinions in a kind manner and you have not afforded me the same courtesy. To reiterate, I concluded by saying:

    “Please understand – this is not meant to insult Kristin. It’s simply meant to strongly encourage bright women to think seriously about how they talk about their bodies. Let’s find ways to motivate each other that have a core of positivity.”

    Brushing this off with a “Oh, let’s not get to PC” is an easy out that acquits a writer of any responsibility for the words she chooses. All you’ve done is discourage discussion on a legitimate topic, making this a decidedly UN “supportive environment.” Thanks for making it clear that you only want to hear from a certain type of person with a certain set of issues.

  72. Krissa Says:

    Kristin’s first blog entry on this site was entitled “Fat Skinny,” all the way back in November. The comment section on that entry is filled up with supportive comments, and quite a few “hey, that totally describes me!”

    In fact, in glancing through the comments on all of her entries, it seems that the term itself has not been found offensive enough to comment on, until she had the gall to post pictures: the visual evidence that “looking skinny” and “not being fat” are not actually the same thing.

    @Insulted not Motivated: You are making a valid point. In light of Kristin’s entries here, however, I believe you chose the wrong forum for it. Kristin has been very honest about her body image issues, which would be perhaps an eye-opener for many girls who “just want to look thin!” and develop an eating disorder to do so. Seeing someone who looks “good” but isn’t in shape, but is working toward a healthy lifestyle? What a motivator!

  73. Sarah Lena Says:

    JeBUS. This is beyond ridiculous.

    Let’s just call it what it is and blame the real culprit:

    REPUBLICANS. (What?)

  74. Susan Knight Says:

    OK.. I didn’t get thru all the posts, but as someone who has lost.. almost 100 pds and has 30 to go my first response to the pictures was.. honey you have issues! BUT the correct reponse was.. honey..”I” have issues! While I don’t think you need to lose weight, I can understand wanting to firm up and look your best. Will you motivate me to look better .. stay on my program etc.. no. Why? Because we are coming from totally different places, does that make it any less sincere. Of course not! All the best on your journey!!!

  75. Bodies Says:

    Insulted NOT Motivated, I don’t think I’ve been unkind, but if I made you feel that way, I apologize. People should feel comfortable sharing opposing viewpoints here (as long as they don’t fall under the category of Pure Asshole-ism), but please don’t expect that I won’t choose to respond.

  76. Sarah in LA Says:

    Lindsey, you wrote:

    “It’s just that when you act like those pictures are disgusting, it hits hard to the people who weigh 100 pounds more than that. If you think that is fat, what must you think of the rest of us? It’s like you are projecting your poor self-image onto us. I promise you that 90% of the fat people reading this page think with a pang in their chest: if she is fat, what am I?”

    I totally get your reaction, really I do. I feel the same way sometimes – well if THAT person thinks they look bad, whoa I must look like HELL! The thing is, Kristin’s post is about HER, and how she feels about her own body. I have a friend who is naturally very thin and she complains when she gains like 3 pounds on her 5’9″ body. Yeah, it can be annoying, but you know what, that’s her experience. In the moment when she says that, she’s not comparing herself to ME, she is expressing her dissatisfaction with herself. She reacts the same way when I complain about having acne, or that I need to whiten my teeth because those are the things she is sensitive about.

    We all have things we don’t like about ourselves, and I think it’s really too bad that the only thing I see in the mirror are all the flaws. What I have come to realize is that when my friends or my boyfriend looks at me they aren’t looking for FLAWS. They are looking at ME, the person they love and care about.

    I’m trying really hard to look at myself in the same way and give myself a freaking break already. It’s hard.

  77. Christine Says:

    I have Jillian’s DVD at home, did it for a week and stopped. Not because I couldn’t do it, because I’m lazy. You’ve just motivated me to get back on the wagon.


  78. Vanessa Says:

    I love your blog, Kristin. I used to be a fat skinny size 2, but I couldn’t run a quarter mile. Then, I fell in love, got married, and got fat fat. I know where you’re coming from- size 2 may not be in reach for my anymore, but toned skinny certainly is. Keep up the good work!

  79. Sharon Says:

    Carrie-is suggesting that someone needs counseling any less offensive?

  80. Jenny Says:

    My sister is completely fat skinny. In clothes she looks FABULOUS and we all hate her (in a loving way) for looking so great, but then . .. when she’s in a bikini . . . she gets all jiggly. So I totally get it. And I applaud ANYONE for putting “before” pictures on here.

  81. babs Says:

    Wow, such an outcry over a really cool term! I didn’t get a chance to read all the comments, but I totally “get” what it means to be “fatskinny.” And way to go on posting pics.

    One thing I was wondering, Kristin, have you noticed gaining weight doing the 30-Day Shred? I know that muscle weighs more, blah blah blah… but I found it disheartening to see the magic number going up. I’d love to read your perspectives on that… the fight to not be fatskinny… to be in shape… and being OK with having a different number on the scale.

  82. tiinalee Says:

    Kristin–thanks for posting and sharing your story. I’m a fatskinny and am completely motivated by your blog. I check back almost daily for new entries (no pressure). Because of you I’ve been much more motivated and have been doing cardio and strength training for three weeks straight…..I’ve never been able to stay w/it more than a week. I want to be fit, strong and most importantly: healthy! Kudos to you and your success and KEEP POSTING! ps–I’m not ready for Jillian just yet, but am going to give it another few weeks to get my stamina up and give her a try :)

  83. Katherine Says:

    Wow, you are my body twin.

    A few months ago I was asked to participate in a documentary filming my post-partum figure in a bathing suit. The documentary was about body image and how pregnancy and child birth has affected that. I mulled over it for awhile, and decided to do it, then panicked for the same reasons you mentioned above. My goodness what will my daughter think when she is in elementary school? Or my youngers sisters who are in COLLEGE.

    I am a slender woman. But, I haven’t always been – I lost 75 pounds in highschool. One of the reasons I decided to even follow through with the whole documentary process was that I felt that, sometimes, it is more than just losing weight but about being healthy and accepting yourself. I guess I always thought that losing weight would cure my body image issues, but it doesn’t. They are still there, I just wear smaller jeans.

    Everyone sees flaws in themselves. If Kristin sees ‘fatskinny’, then that is what she should say. Just because she is beautiful does not mean that she doesn’t have the right to improve herself and want to be healthy.

    If anything the fact that Kristin sees flaws makes me feel better. Because I don’t see them. Perhaps you don’t see them when you see me.

  84. Dutch Blitz » Skinny Girls Have “Fat Days” Too Says:

    [...] jumped into the “FatSkinny” debate in the comments on Kristin’s post and was inspired to write something in response. Skinny Girls Have “Fat Days” [...]

  85. Ashlie Says:

    Really ladies? I just read an article that stated that skinny women who are out of shape have a higher risk of medical issues than women deemed “obese” by their BMI, but are inshape.
    Bodies come in all different shapes and sizes. I, myself, am fatskinny. I am skinny but where muscle should lie only fat exists. Souldn’t we all be supporting each other to be the most healthy versions of ourselves… instead of ordering Kristin to eat a cheese steak post-haste and shut thyself up.

  86. Chelsea Says:

    For what it’s worth, I love the term FatSkinny, and I also think that it takes a LOT of courage to post pictures of yourself in a bathing suit. I know I couldn’t do it right now!!

    I’m in the same boat…I am thin, but so out of shape it’s ridiculous. Running backwards in the mirror makes me want to cry, and it is my new personal goal to get rid of some of that damn jiggle. I use this site as motivation, especially because I find myself relating so well to the whole FatSkinny concept.

    Like it or not, there are a lot of us out there, and even though we may be considered “skinny” by public standards, our issues (with either our fitness levels, or that extra flab) are still just as valid as the next girl’s.

  87. Karla Says:

    Kristin, I completely understand where you are coming from. I’m thin and barely weigh in the three digits but that doesn’t make me healthy and toned and comfortable in my own skin, despite being able to run 19km (never made it to the half marathon after Nate god sick.) I love wine and beer and weekend drinks with friends and late night snacks and I miss my abs.

    I recently went way away on vacation and have feared posting pictures of myself in a bikini because I knew the turn the comments would take the second I mentioned how uncomfortable I was. I admire you. I salute you. I salute your body and I salute your quest for to be the healthiest you can be.

  88. Wendi Says:

    You know, I can relate to this. Right now I’m overweight at 165 pounds and 5’2″ — obese by the BMI charts — and I’m working to change that. But in high school I weighed around 105. I was NOT fit. I couldn’t jog or do any kind of physical activity. I’m more proud of my physical fitness right now, when I’m really overweight, than when I was thin.

    So I’ve seen both sides of the coin and totally understand what it’s like to be ‘fatskinny’ even though I can look at these pictures and envy Kristin’s size. I think it’s all about health here. :)

  89. Swistle Says:

    I had to think about this for awhile. Here’s what I think the problem is: the word “fat” here is being used as a synonym for “unfit,” when it absolutely is not. I think if you said what you actually MEANT and called yourself unfit-skinny, no one would object.

  90. Lisa Says:

    Kudos to you for putting this up! A few weeks ago I started posting pictures of my baby belly, and a friend of mine sent me a link to this post after an anonymous commenter got mad at me for being thinner than her and feeling fat. And what I don’t think some people get is that it’s all about YOU and where you’re comfortable – not about judging anyone else for their size/shape/level of fitness.

  91. What brought me here | No More Muffintop Says:

    [...] – only those who fit into the same camp, it seems – call skinnyfat. Kristen has opened this can of worms a couple of times, and I saw the backlash, live, but it doesn’t make it any less so. A person [...]

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    [...]Bodies in Motivation » Blog Archive » Navel gazing, a whole new level[...]…

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