Choosing to cope

By Linda

I have been complaining about this in every corner of the internet where it is possible to do any complaining, but I’ll say it once more with feeling: Seattle’s weather has sucked recently. People have been calling it Juneary, because of the chilly temperatures and the rain. My GOD, the rain. It’s been raining for three weeks, and I know it probably seems like I should be used to it as a Pacific Northwesterner but it has been making me CRAAAAAAZY.

It’s not just the weather, life in general has been more stressful than usual. Money worries, work worries, sick kids, trying to stay on top of schoolwork—it’s all been kind of a heavy load, and fitness has fallen by the wayside a bit.

I was eating like serious crap for a while but I did manage to get back on track, in part because I was able to recognize how much worse it was making me feel. My take on self-medicating with food is that it’s okay to let myself dive into the ice cream now and then if that’s going to help me cope with a temporary situation, but that can’t be a long term coping technique. After a few days of eating junk, it gets harder and harder for me to deal with my problems. At some point I have to cut out the comfort sugars and start giving my body the right foods, or I’ll find myself circling the mental drain of DOOM.

So I’m eating in a way that’s good for me right now, mostly sticking to the Primal plan, and that’s helped. I’ve been running a couple times a week, swimming now and then, and doing a little strength work at home, but not much else. For the first time in a long time, I miss going to my training gym—I miss the accountability, I miss being shoved outside of my comfort zone. I can’t afford to go back right now, though, so I’ve got to re-commit on my own.

I know I should be doing more because that will help me get out of this funk I’m in. I know that hard exercise reminds me on a cellular level that it’s possible for me to overcome difficult situations and come out stronger on the other side. I know how pushing my body makes my brain happy.

The weather is supposed to improve this weekend. I have my last big school assignment tonight. The kids seem to be on the road back to health. Time to gather my discipline, shove aside the stress and distractions, and get my ass back in gear.

3 Responses to “Choosing to cope”

  1. shygirl Says:

    Good grief, you are one HELL of an excellent motivational writer. I’ve been hanging out in Doomsville way too much lately myself, not eating very well, not exercising, generally feeling crappy, and I have to say that your “cellular level” sentence just kind of blew my mind. I know that feeling! Hey, I remember that!

    How is it that every time I fall off the wagon with the self-care, I mysteriously forget how *good* it feels to eat well, to work out, to take care of yourself in a way that nobody else can do for you? Does that happen to everybody? It’s like I have to coax myself into working out/eating well/etc EVERY single time, then afterward I feel fantastic, but then the very next time, I have to go through the coaxing-myself routine all over again. WTF? Does it get any easier once you’ve been at it for a while?

  2. rhaazz Says:

    Good luck. And thank you for writing so honestly.

  3. zdoodlebub Says:

    I’ve been hearing a lot about crossfit lately…but I can’t afford/don’t want to pay for it. So I found this. The Cindys? Brutal!


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