• Best hiking trails
  • Best Hiking trails in the world

    There are many great hiking trails to try in the world, but some of them have to be the best as they not only give you the chance to see extraordinary scenery, but also it challenges you and pulls the best out of your hiking abilities.

    The Inca Trail in Peru is 26miles long and it takes around 4 days to take it. You should try it from May to September and you need to be prepared for inclines and declines just as well. This trail gives you the chance to go through the jungle, to admire the ruins but also the amazing mountain scenery. And the cherry on top is the Machu Picchu, at the end of the trail.

    If you want to try a 7 days trail, you can give it a go to the Kilimanjaro trail, in Tanzania, Africa. The trail is less than 40 miles and you should go in September, or wait until January or February to enjoy it the best. This trail is very popular and is the highest peak in Africa with its 19,340 feet. The trail presents various climbing routes and you’d better use some guidance in order to have the full experience, which is the one-of-a-kind view above the clouds.

    When you want to go local, the Appalachian Trail (Georgia to Maine) is a trail to remember. This s a 2,180 miles long trail and it’s going to take you at least 5 months to hike. You can take the trail all year round and is one of the longest continuously marked footpaths in the world. The trail takes you through 14 states and you need to plan it ahead and really prepare yourself for complete success.